The Ancient Lute Pavilion is also known as Boya Pavilion. It is located at the foot of Gui Hill, on the lakefront of the Moon Lake, north to Han River and west to Meizi Hill. It is under the shade of trees and is the famous musical cultural monument in Wuhan.
  It is said that in the Warring States period about two thousand years ago, there was a great musician Boya in Chu State. He was good at playing lute. Once he boated down the river and went by Hanyang. Suddenly the sky began to a violent storm and Boya grounded the boat at the foot of Gui Hill. Soon the sky cleared. Then Boya played lute for fun. A hermit Zhong Ziqi had profound understanding of Boya’s music and highly praised it. Therefore, they became bosom friends and made a date to meet next year. Afterwards, Ziqi died of illness. Boya was so sad to lose his friend that he broke his lute and never touched it since then. People were deeply moved by their stories, so they built this building to commemorate them.

The story was on record in Master Lu’s Spring and Autumn and Lie Zi about two thousand years ago. According to Huangsong bibliography, Lute Pavilion originated with the Northern Song Dynasty. After liberation the Party and government pay attention to protect historic landmarks and sites. The government and general labor union of Wuhan have funded for many times to restore Lute Pavilion. The Ancient Lute Pavilion is now a world-renowned tourist resort.